Since its inception, CONTEX has been providing start-of-the-art products and services within two demanding verticals: Medical Device(s) & Simulation/Training. CONTEX management is dedicated to quality & affordability and strives to deliver best-in-class solutions to all our clients. We believe our customers are our partners & we are proud of our track record and ability to maintain quality client relationships. CONTEX understands that our commitment to the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction & continual improvement of our products & services is the basis of our success.


CONTEX has always been driven by a sense of purpose of being able to update and modernize the technology landscape that exists within the Aerospace and Medical Device industries. Coming from a long line of working together in these diverse spaces, CONTEX management has envisioned a collaboration with its customers that delivers innovative technology solutions while addressing the need for advancement in the fields.


CONTEX prides itself on having developed and retained an experienced team of engineers and professionals with significant industry expertise. CONTEX’s founding partners are active participants in the day-to-day management of the company and assumes a leading role in shaping the direction and commitment of the company to its client’s and projects.

CONTEX was founded by Richard Smith and Ricardo Rodriquez. Both founders have a long history of technical collaboration prior to starting CONTEX

Richard Smith

Richard Smith

President and CEO of Contex.

With more than 30 years of management and engineering experience, Mr. Smith is the President and CEO of Contex. Prior to starting Contex, Mr. Smith held key executive roles spanning both the Health Care and Aerospace Industries. Mr. Smith also had previously co-founded an Aerospace company called Tricom Technologies Inc. (TTI) in 1995. TTI developed Flight Simulators for commercial and military aircraft. TTI customers were worldwide and represented several major airlines. Mr. Smith is a graduate in Computer Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez

COO of Contex.

With more than 30 years of business development and engineering experience. Prior to starting Contex, Mr. Rodriguez held key executive and leadership roles in the Aviation and Aerospace Industries, including as Manager of Electrical Engineering for Tricom Technologies and as a GCAA-certified Avionics Instructor with Emirates Airlines based in Dubai, UAE. Mr. Rodriguez is a graduate of Electronics Engineering from the Toronto School of Business.

Our Mission

Committed to the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction and continual improvement of our products and services within the Aerospace and Medical Device Industries.

Our Vision

To mold the future of diverse industry sets by creating extraordinary value while delivering path-breaking technology solutions and increasing our positive impact.

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