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Elevate your training with CONTEX’s high fidelity, proven simulation & training device expertise.

CONTEX provides affordable high-quality simulation products & services to the commercial & military training industries. CONTEX is focused on providing custom solutions that fully address our customers training requirements.

CONTEX has developed solutions for several of the Airbus, Boeing, Gulfstream, and Bombardier Aircraft.

CONTEX is vertically integrated with an in-house team of mechanical, electrical, software, and simulation engineering.  CONTEX products are reliable and backed by one of the best warranty programs in the industry. Our products are in use by some of the world’s largest simulation companies and airlines.


CONTEX has extensive experience providing simulation training solutions for modern aircraft. We can provide Aerodynamic, System Simulation(s), and Flight Management System simulation models for your simulator project. CONTEX has experience with both reverse engineered simulation models and retargeted aircraft avionics integration. CONTEX can provide models for integration with your simulation or we can provide a turn-key targeted training solution.


CONTEX has an experienced simulation team and can provide services for simulator upgrades and repair. This includes simulation system revision upgrades, visual system upgrades and component repair and replacement. CONTEX has a strong simulator hardware engineering team and can refurbish simulator equipment or modify aircraft components for use in Simulator Applications.


CONTEX can assist in updating legacy software for web delivery. We have expertise in application virtualization, backend server application(s) and streaming, and modern web design and delivery platforms.

Product Expertise

Our Training Solutions

Simulator Hardware

CONTEX produces high quality simulator hardware. CONTEX can provide replicated aircraft panels, structures, and flight controls. Interface can be either USB, CANBUS, or Ethernet.

CONTEX also can repair or refurbish simulator hardware. CONTEX is vertically integrated with an in-house machining in addition to an experienced hardware engineering team.

Desktop Trainers

CONTEX provides custom Desktop & web-based trainers. CONTEX Desktop trainers animates high quality virtual instruments with accurate simulation models enabling an aircraft to be fully represented on single or multiple screens.  A student can use the trainer for self-paced training, aircraft familiarization and aircraft systems training.  The Desktop can be deployed standalone, via network or web delivered. The desktop trainers feature lesson plan creation tools to allow for easy integration.

Maintenance Training Devices (MTD)

CONTEX provides both virtual & physical Maintenance Training Devices (MTD). An MTD is used to train maintenance personnel to troubleshoot the aircraft using a combination of virtual/physical cockpit controls & virtual aircraft interactions. Instructors can introduce faults allowing the Maintenance personnel to follow & practice procedures.  Maintenance crew can also use the MTD to practice for engine runups saving expensive fuel costs.

Cockpit Procedure Trainers (CPT)

CONTEX provides both virtual and physical Cockpit Procedure Trainers.  CONTEX CPT’s are reliable, accurate, and cost effective. The CPT is typically used for aircraft familiarization and crew training off aircraft operating procedures (normal/abnormal).   CONTEX CPT’s come equipped with a full suite of Instructor and Student controls and can be easily integrated into your training program for initial and reoccurring training.